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AHHHH! We are UP!!

Oh my goodness guys, I can not tell you how excited I am that our website is official and we are up and running! I am still in the learning process, and it will takes some time and a lot of playing around with styles and such, but so far....we have an official website and everything links to our social media pages! It is so exciting to feel the sense of accomplishment! Please leave feedback, email me, text, whatever and give any feedback. We appreciate all the love and support from family and friends! Let's get this Journey started! #MamaBearFarmstead

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A new name, but same Farm and ambition

Well y’all the past 3 year have been a whirl wind of emotions and I had to put this site on the back burner for a while. I had some family issue come up in 2020 so I put the business and site on hold

Open for business!

🌱 🍅 Transplanted tomatoes into bigger bags! The roots are going crazy!!! We have 150ish tomato plants still for sale!!! They are growing like crazy!! Some are almost 12” tall ya’ll!! 🍅Roma tomatoes

Open for Business

🔆We OPEN this coming weekend!🔆 When: May 11th and 12th Hours: 9am-9pm both days. Where: MamaBear Farmstead (Our Farm) Xenia, Ohio Contact: 🍅Tomatoes are ready to sell!!

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