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How it all started....

It all started with a little bit of faith and a ton of ambition. We have always had the dream of making something of ourselves and making sure that our children were raised to the best of our abilities, and knew that with hard work and dedication, anything could be possible. Well....believe me, we have struggled along the way and we have all had that moment where we thought " how can I get out of this hole that I've gotten myself in!" My husband and I have caught ourselves repeatedly saying this phrase over and over through the years. It is now time for us to come up with a game plan and have the desire to strive for greatness! So we are doing just that....

I bought my farm in 2014, and had the dream from the beginning to have our home and land fully functional and profitable. It has taken a few bumpy roads and a lot of pain, sweat, and tears, to get to the point where we are today. Our hopes and dreams are written on paper and we are very excited to start this journey with our family, and we hope ya'll will enjoy it with us.

We had decided that we are going to start from seed, growing several varieties of tomatoes and eventually some other veggies and flowers/plants along the way. We have promised our kids to grow pumpkins and whatever we sell, they will get some of the hard earned money for the work they help us do. So come Fall season, we also plan on having a large pumpkin patch and everyone can pick out their own pumpkins. Our kiddos are extremely excited, and we are going ambitiously crazy coming up with different ideas and ways to get our farm, up and going so we can spread our love of gardening with ya'll.

This whole process is something completely new to both of us, and we have no idea yet, what we are getting ourselves into. But, we have Faith and Hope that this will succeed and we will have fun on this journey for years to come. Please bare with us, we plan on getting a Facebook page, Website, and we will upload pictures, videos and blog weekly, if not daily as this dream of ours unfolds. We appreciate all the love and support from friends and family, so thank you so much for being apart of this journey with us.

More to come soon......

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