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It’s been a busy few weeks

So the last two weeks on the farm had been pretty busy. First, and most importantly....We got the official letter saying we were approved for our business license.📃 That is so exciting! We have also started several projects on the farm. We built a green house tunnel structure for the tomato plants once they are big enough, and the weather is nice enough to put them outside. We also started building a new Chicken coop for our chickens, roosters, and ducks! We currently have a small coop/outdoor doll house that we turned into a coop last year for our chicks and ducks, since they are smaller; and we built a larger coop for our hens and roosters. We have outgrown both! So now we are making a 10’ x 16’ x 8’ coop/run for all the flock to be together. We still have plans for the larger coop we built last year, that’s where we will put the babies until they are big enough for the Chicken condo! 🐓🦆🐣

We’ve decided to get pigs again, to we started redoing the pig pen.🐷🐖 In the midst of pounding in t-post stakes, poor Gabe had an accident and ended up with a head injury. He’s ok!! Probably could have used a stitch or five, and had an ER visit to do a Xray....but he’s stubborn and wanted to keep working because he said he was fine. Being the medical professional that I am, I kept a close eye on him and warned him that if he started having dizzy spells, blurred vision, increased headaches, or altered mental status....I was taking him to the ER. Luckily, he was fine and no changes in his state of mind. He’s still as stubborn as ever! 🤕

We always have projects and things to do or fix on the farm, and it’s never a dull moment. We’ve also started mapping out a garden area in one of the fields, so we can prepare to plant pumpkins for the Fall. The farm is an exciting place to be, with everything going on. The kids are excited that the weather is nicer so they can run off energy and play outside. They are all excited to get things planted so they can watch it all grow. Keep following our journey and stay up to date on the latest Mama Bear Farmstead LLC news! 🌻🚜

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