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Making things official

So today we took a huge leap and we applied for a business license to make this all official!! It seems so crazy to think that we are actually making the huge steps and following our dreams of having the Farm Life and being at home with our children more and working more on our own terms! Everything is just slowly and meticulously falling into place as if it were meant to be! It is super exciting and a bit scary at the same time. We don’t want to fail at this, so we are giving it all we have! We have faith and determination to make this work. Once we have our approval from the state of Ohio, we will officially own the name “MamaBear Farmstead LLC“ and we are incredibly excited!

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Open for business!

🌱 🍅 Transplanted tomatoes into bigger bags! The roots are going crazy!!! We have 150ish tomato plants still for sale!!! They are growing like crazy!! Some are almost 12” tall ya’ll!! 🍅Roma tomatoes

Open for Business

🔆We OPEN this coming weekend!🔆 When: May 11th and 12th Hours: 9am-9pm both days. Where: MamaBear Farmstead (Our Farm) Xenia, Ohio Contact: 🍅Tomatoes are ready to sell!!


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