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Open for Business

🔆We OPEN this coming weekend!🔆

When: May 11th and 12th

Hours: 9am-9pm both days.

Where: MamaBear Farmstead (Our Farm)

Xenia, Ohio


🍅Tomatoes are ready to sell!! $3/ea.💵

We have available:

🔸ROMA tomato plants

🔹LARGE CHERRY tomato plants

🔸BETTER BOY tomato plants

🔹BEEFSTEAK tomato plants!! 🍅 🌱

🏡Stop by and get your plants! They are ready to be placed in the garden or in a larger pot or planter of your choice!

🍅🌱Most of these breeds should continue to grow and produce tomatoes until the the first frost, they are Indeterminate plants, and should all produce a nice healthy harvest of tomatoes! 🍅🌱

💰💳 Cash or Credit accepted!

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